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Your Business Brand – A Valuable Asset

Last Updated on July 7, 2023 by IS Back Office

Your business brand is your key to success. Once you have successfully established brand recognition, there is a higher probability of your customers (and their referrals) making a purchase in a shorter time frame, often instantly.

A successful business brand can create a flash sale and sell out within minutes. It happens every day. Of course, it’s more complicated than just posting a sale on your website and hoping for the best.

It is a process. It is a marathon and not a sprint. Regardless of how big your marketing budget is, steady growth is always stronger in the long term rather than immediate and over night success.

Consumers actually want to be loyal to your business brand.

Simply put, a loyal customer is someone that cares about the company and the business brand often more than the actual product itself.

This starts with trust.

Your product or service is great, customer service, integrity and dedication to your customer are things that are assumed by the customer already. It is for these reasons that a customer is so upset when a company fails on any of the above “given” metrics.

For a business that delivers on all points, the next step for a customer to be loyal is your reputation, reliability, consistency, what your company stands for, the lifestyle that is associated with your business brand, the experience that they have with you, what happens when they call you and more.

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“Your Business Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

“Your Brand Is What People Say About You When You’re Not In The Room”. (Jeff Bezos Of Amazon)

When your customers say positive things about your business brand, it attracts more people to your brand. It makes it easier for them to refer their friends and family to you and more.

This also reduces the cost of customer acquisition. Later on in your business life, this makes it easier to increase the average order value and more.

Whether you are starting a new business, updating a current business, or want to take a successful business to the next level, building your business brand is about the image of your company that comes to mind when your customers think about you.

Your customer needs to feel attracted to your business, engaged, and a part of your family so to speak. Most importantly, there needs to be positive brand associations.

81% of consumers across the globe say that they need to trust the brand they buy from.

The beginning stages of trust comes from the ability to be confident in your business. It fosters from a firm belief in the character of your business and the strength of the relationship.

At the beginning stages, it is critical that your business lives up to your customers expectations. These expectations are set by you. 

So be careful about how you twist and turn your offer and capabilities, and always deliver consistently. If your Business Branding is successful, you can stand out from the crowd and make it easier for the customer to choose you. From there it is about how you communicate who you are and why in fact you are the better choice.

These rules apply regardless of what you sell. Think about your own most recent purchases. You are a consumer as well, we all are. When you start studying your own buying habits and places that you shop from, you’ll begin to see the foundation elements that we are speaking of.

From that exercise, you will begin to realize that not every part of branding is about content design, user interface, attractive graphic or video visualization elements and the like.

You may also realize that that there are also some “hidden” or less visualizing elements that you are attracted to. The easiest one that you may discover are the “lifestyle” branding elements.

Some customers have simple physiological business branding needs.

Some have more advanced demands including ease of use, reward systems, referral systems, appealing shopping cart systems, and more.

Let us say that you are in the restaurant or food business. Your customers are already assuming that the food itself is good, but does your business brand represent factors such as hygiene, customer service and location?

In this case we are not talking about a colorful logo and a well made ad campaign. Even consider the expectation that you set and what happens when a customer extends their trust, only for you to fail on the delivery of those expectations.

More than likely, your customers will not come back a second time. Even worse is when you upset that customer so much that they begin a negative word-of-mouth campaign. We assure you that they will let everyone know that they had a bad experience.

Bad press is often really hard to overcome and it affects all of your future sales as a whole.

Avoid these pitfalls by taking the time to do it right from the beginning.

The basics of branding your business is often the number one first step for every customer that we work with. Learn more about our business services.

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