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We specialize in Branding and Digital Assets for Small Business utilizing Large Corporation rules, structure and methods.

We help small businesses in the USA improve presence, customer engagement, ecommerce sales and more.

With the ever changing world of business technology getting more and more advanced, we have heard from many small business owners that it's difficult to know where to begin. We too agree that most small businesses do not need complex cloud solutions and other high tech stuff to get started.

Free consultation from industry insiders that know the trade.

We are partnered with the best in class business service providers.

IT and Telecom Business Professionals ready to help your business.

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What is a free consultation ?

Business Phone Lines and Mobile - What You Need to Know

Determining how many business lines you need for your business can be difficult, we make it easy.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need For Your Business

Internet connection speeds and bandwidth needs vary per business. Bandwidth for your business is one of the most important decisions that you will make.

Telecom Audit

If your business is already up and running we can review your current spending versus current needs and see where we can save you money.

Business websites do's and don'ts 

Whether you need a simple online presence or robust ecommerce solutions, one site fits all is often not the best strategy.

What people say about it

We are actually a pretty big business. Most people would not believe that we run the entire customer facing side of our business on the $99 per month package.

Tech Tips Small Business Branding and Digital Assets Services

Pet Supplies Industry

Veterans in need call one phone number that is routed to multiple people simultaneously. Remote staff answer calls from their locations easily.

Tech Tips Small Business Branding and Digital Assets Services

Non Profit Veterans Outreach

Don't miss out on our most popular $99 (as low as $49) per month business package

Standard Website Hosting: $10.99 - $59.99 per month.

Does not include building your website. Building your website is available for an additional fee.

Your Domain Name: $8.99 per year., subject to domain name availability.

Email Accounts: Included

[email protected] / web mail access included. Does not include setup to your devices. Setup available for an additional one time fee.

Basic Phone System: $27.99 per month

Rings to your mobile phones + desktop hardware included.

Unlimited calling to the US & Canada.

Basic Auto Attendant: Included

- Business greeting for your phone system
- Calls will ring to multiple mobile phones with your business number displayed so that you know it's a work call

Video conferencing: Included

Text messaging: Included

Voicemail: Included

Sent to your email

Set your phone system Company hours: Included

After hours Voicemail: Included

One Fax To Email: Included

Receive faxes via email, send faxes via email.

Two Phone Numbers: Included

Phone System plus a Fax to Email Number. "Porting" of your current phone numbers is available.

* Offer available to USA businesses only.

* Taxes not included

* Able to scale as your business grows

Tech Tips Small Business Branding and Digital Assets Services