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Small business services so you can take care of your customer and grow your business. We will be part of your Back Office Team.

We have an academic study of systems with a specific reference to information and the complementary networks of computer hardware and software that people and organizations use. We utilize that mindset when delivering our small business services.

In the large enterprise and corporate world “Back Office” is any department or team in a firm that doesn’t directly interact with the customer.

Modern Business Communications

Voice and PBX
Video Conferencing

Internet Connectivity

Internet Access
Failover Solutions

Home Office Solutions

Big Business Solutions
No Costs Upfront

Telecom Audit​

Review Current Spending
33% Avg Savings

Mobile Workforce Solutions​

Centralize Activity
Extend Office Ecosystem

Modern Receptionist​

Enhance Call Flow
Interlink Entire Staff

Business Branding

Style Guide
Brand Consistency

SEO and Marketing Strategy

Increase Brand Awareness
Drive More Sales

Business Guidance and Consultation

Define Processes
Implement Procedures

Customer Service (CS) Strategy​

Keep Customers Happy
Increase Referrals

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy​

Post Sale Engagement
Ecosystem Development

Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation​

Spread Your Message
Grow Your Customer Base

Business UCaaS, Phone System and Technology

Team Management
Unified Communications

Manage The Entire
Customer Lifecycle

Lifecycle Stages
Journey Mapping

Engage Your Customers Dramatically

VIP Programs
Awareness Events

Brand Strategy & Art Direction​

Data Driven Strategy
Increase Conversion Rates

UX/UI Design &
Website/App Design​

Growth your business
Drive more sales

Discount Business Services​

Deals on Webhosting and more
OpEx Audits

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As humans, we make 35,000 decisions per day. Knowing what your business values are enables you to make decisions easier. This will set you up for growth and better prepare you in crisis.

You do what you do best, we have a full team available to help you with the rest.

The front office is the “face” of the company.

The front office is the “face” of your business and is composed of all the resources that are used to make sales and interact with customers and clients.

The back office is all the resources of the company that are devoted to actually producing a product or service.

It is the labor and more that is never seen by the customer.

Broadly speaking, back office work includes roles that affect the costs side of a business’ trading statement and front office work includes roles that affect the income side of a business’ trading statement.

“In Business, you can not do it all yourself. Not only will you spread yourself too thin, you will lose focus. With our small business services, free up your valuable time to grow your business.”
Information Systems
Back Office

“We start off by looking deep into your business and industry. We are Data Driven from the start. We end with an intimate understanding of your responsibilities and the passion that drives you.”
Information Systems​
Back Office

“Give your business a fighting chance to compete. By following proven large corporation formulas, rules and structure, we elevate your business with small business services at deeply discounted prices.”
Information Systems​
Back Office

“You can’t win without even trying.
We are eager and willing to share our success strategies as well as our failures to help you avoid them. Learning what not to do, is often equally as valuable as knowing what to do.”
Information Systems​
Back Office

No Business Is Too Big Nor Too Small.

Small Business Services for Startups, Owners and Companies.

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