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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to foster an environment where you and the critical elements of your business work in harmony with all systems. Where everyone is in alignment to achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Absolutely. We have customers that have called us after purchasing a commercial building and needed to know what to do with it. We have individuals that needed to know if their business idea was actually more than just a hobby. Regardless of what stage you are in, if you are seeking professional advice, you are off to the right start.

We are going go through our calendar and see when the next available date and time is for your free consultation. Our scheduling team will call you and let you know the appointment options available and determine what works for you. Yes, we have had consultations as late as midnight due to complex scheduling. We know this first step is urgent so we wont keep you waiting long.

Small businesses in America are the backbone of the American economy. We are USA residents, USA Military Veterans, and more with a deep passion for our Countries’ success. We have worked with overseas companies to establish their USA presence. If you are going to pay taxes here, we can help you.

The numbers speak for themselves. We have worked with 150+ different industries. We have 20+ years of experience and currently manage over 250 project hours per month. Due to the nature of our commitment to a project, our space is limited and reserved for people really needing the help. Because of our passion for your success, we are very selective of who we work with.

Far from it. This the number 1 thing that separates us from others. While we have all “cut our teeth” in the large enterprise/corporate world, all team members currently maintain multiple successful entrepreneurial ventures. Our community of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives is eager to help.

We understand that your business is critical to the lives of your employees, your customers, families and communities.

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