Mega Moto 212cc Kit Build: Best Value Mini Bike Yet?

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Mega Moto 212 Complete kit:
Tillotson break in oil:
Tillotson synthetic 4 stroke performance oil:
Dual charging coil:

Is the Mega Moto 212 complete kit the best value mini bike build? In today’s carsandcameras mini bike episode, we build and ride the Mega Moto 212 complete kit from Go Power Sports. The heavy duty Mega Moto 212 chassis meets the legendary performance and reliability of the Tillotson 212 stage 1 kit.

There are other mini bikes in this price range- the Coleman CT200U-EX is a bit cheaper but has less features, and the Trailmaster MB200 is a bit more expensive but has full suspension. Today we find out where the Mega Moto 212 complete kit fits in the lineup of new mini bikes!

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