iPhone 14 Pro – First 10 Things To Do! (Tips & Tricks) 2023

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Today we’re looking t the first 10 things you should do if you’ve just got your new iPhone 14 Pro or any iPhone that runs the latest iOS16! These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your iPhone’s features, battery life and performance!

✏️ Video Chapters
00:00 Customize the Lock Screen
04:47 MagBak Accessories
06:25 Activate New Safety Features
07:44 Improve iPhone Security
11:02 Save Battery with Notifications
12:24 Save Battery with Background App Refresh
13:26 The Best Way to Use Siri
14:54 Optimize the Display
17:46 Edit and Unsend Messages
19:06 Password Protect a Note
20:05 Copy / Paste Text from Photos
20:58 Setup an iCloud Backup

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