Imalent MS18 Brightest Production Flashlight

The Imalent MS18 is the brightest production flashlight that we know of that is available for actual purchase. It was referenced by the team at The Hacksmith that created a torch that can project light at over 500,000 lumens which actually holds the Guinness World Record. One Imalent MS18 product reviewer states “In summary if you want the biggest badass civilian flashlight on the planet for now this is it.”

imalent ms18 flashlight

We discovered this flashlight while reviewing Guinness World Record holders for brightest flashlights. We watched the entire facebook video of how the record holding 500,000 lumen torch was built. Since we can not buy a 500,000 lumen flashlight, we noticed the runner up and we were impressed.

If you do not already know the Hacksmith team, they do some really cool stuff. They take fictional ideas from comics, movies, and video games and make real working stuff! So when they set off to make the brightest flashlight and then referenced the Imalent MS18 as sort of the second best (compared their massive light that you will not be able to purchase in the real world) that is saying something quite serious about this flashlight. The Imalent MS18 is shown here in this video screen shot.

Guinness World Record Flashlight

Some amazing things about the MS18 rechargeable flashlight include: 18 (correct, eighteen) XHP70 2nd high lumens LED’s with a max output of up to 100,000 lumens. The the max beam distance is up to 1350 meters (Nearly 4429ft).

Its ultra wide beam can illuminate a whole room, backyard or even a dang canyon. It lit up a whole football field during the test in the video above.

ms 18 flashlight beam

It is about 50 times brighter than the headlights of a car has 9 settings. In a practical use environment, the Imalent MS18 can replace the need for multiple flashlights. The lumen range that you can select from goes from: 700lm / 2000lm / 5000lm / 10,000lm / 22,000lm | 30,000lm / 60,000lm / 100,000lm and even has a strobe. Of course, the lower the lumen mode, the more battery life. This flashlight is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that is included. With all of the modes, the Imalent MS18 makes it a practical addition to any household or emergency kit with the option of going to super awesome mode as needed.

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