Easy Tricks for a CLEAN Desktop: Make Windows Look Minimal!

Clean your Windows 10 desktop and taskbar with these tips and tricks!

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Ever wondered how to get a moving desktop wallpaper, how to align taskbar icons in the middle, how to make your taskbar invisible? Well, in today’s video I’m showing you the tips and tricks on how to get an aesthetically pleasing and productive desktop and taskbar.

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📁 Copy this character and paste it as your folder name: “⠀”

⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Clean Desktop
1:02 – Create Desktop Folder
1:42 – Clean Taskbar
2:25 – Rearrange Icons
3:03 – Center Taskbar
3:47 – Clean Start
4:27 – Invisible Taskbar
4:45 – Wallpaper Engine
5:09 – Outro

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