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The American Small Business Should Be Treated With Respect.

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We think of things from an engineering and scalable growth perspective. All aspects of your industry and your business are considered. We study the data available to position your unique business for success.

Large Corporations have multiple departments and a mindset that factors for long term scalability, growth, security, customer service and more.

A small business, even a home based business, can utilize the same strategies.

we help small businesses compete

Grow your businesses in any direction

Our goal is to foster an environment where you and the critical elements of your business work in harmony with all systems. Where everyone is in alignment to achieve your specific goals and objectives.

We understand that your business is critical to the lives of your employees, your customers, families and communities.

Because of our passion for your success, we are very selective of who we work with.

Simply put, we come from the large enterprise and corporate world and want to help USA small businesses succeed.

As a small business, or even a home based business, it is nearly impossible to afford expensive Enterprise / Corporate level service costs. However, we have developed processes to offer similar level services at deeply discounted prices. One example of how we can cut costs is that most small businesses do not need multiple and detailed 5000 page reports intended for publicly traded companies.

Lets start by saving you money with a free consultation. You may be surprised how affordable we can make it for you.

Our Team Members

Not just MBA’s without real world experience. All Team Members Currently Maintain Multiple Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures.

• US Military Communications and Security.

• Global Manufacturing & Engineering for a $47B in annual sales automotive components manufacturer.

• Information Technology Service Provider to SMB’s & Brick and Mortar Retail Computer Sales and Repair, including being one of the original 3rd party providers for what is now known as the Best Buy Geek Squad.

• Corporate Market Expansion Team Member in the Telecom industry in which the company later sold for over $400M.

• Multi-brand business development and ISO Certified Manufacturer in the highly regulated Tobacco Industry.

• World Traveled, Masters Level Educated Foreign Affairs, Foreign Relations, Multi-lingual Investigative Research, Multi-lingual Translations, Legal Liaison, Branding, Marketing, Copywriting.

• Interoffice business management, staff and customer service training, research and development, operations, logistics, sales and operations, ecommerce distribution and fulfillment systems, manufacturing and more.

• The production of major films and television. Management of $200M+ budgets, multiple staff members and departments with Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Disney and more.

• Cyber Security and digital assets management of a federal executive department of the United States Government tasked with the enforcement of federal law and administration of justice in the United States.

• Cyber Security and digital assets management of publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust Firms.

We are a US company located in the USA. Our services and free consultation are only available to USA small businesses and residents. Our mission is to help you and the US economy.

We are eager and willing to share our success strategies and tragedies.

Managed Services Demand and Demographic Data
You take care of your customer and we will be part of your Back Office Team​

We have an academic study of systems with a specific reference to information and the complementary networks of computer hardware and software that people and organizations use.
In the large enterprise and corporate world “Back Office” is any department or team in a firm that doesn’t directly interact with the customer.

Managed Services Business Branding
The front office is the “face” of the company.​

The front office is the “face” of your business and is composed of all the resources that are used to make sales and interact with customers and clients.
The back office is all the resources of the company that are devoted to actually producing a product or service.
It is the labor and more that is never seen by the customer.
Broadly speaking, back office work includes roles that affect the costs side of a business’ trading statement and front office work includes roles that affect the income side of a business’ trading statement.

Managed Services Business Guidance And Consultation
In Business, You Can Not Do It All Yourself. Not Only Will You Spread Yourself Too Thin, You Will Lose Focus. Free Up Your Valuable Time To Manage And Grow Your Business.​

We help small businesses in the USA improve branding and digital assets which improve presence, customer engagement, increase ecommerce sales, and more.

By following proven large corporation formulas, rules and structure, we elevate your business at deeply discounted prices that small businesses can actually afford.​


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Small Business Digital Assets Managed Services Organization.

Large Businesses have multiple departments and a mindset that factors for long term scalability, growth, security, customer service and more. Most have third party Managed Services Organizations “MSO’s”.

A small business, even a home based business, can utilize the same strategies.