Small Business Digital Assets Managed Services Organization.

Large Businesses have multiple back office departments and a mindset that factors for long term scalability, growth, security, customer service and more. Most have third party Managed Services Organizations “MSO’s”.

At IS Back Office we offer small business services, even to home based businesses, utilizing the same strategies.

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Small Business Digital Assets Managed Services Organization (MSO) from IS Back Office

By following proven large corporation formulas, rules and structure, IS Back Office can elevate your business at deeply discounted prices that small businesses can actually afford.

As a small business, or even a home based business, it is nearly impossible to afford expensive Enterprise / Corporate level service costs. However, IS Back Office has developed processes to offer similar level services at deeply discounted prices. One example of how we can cut costs is that most small businesses do not need multiple and detailed 5000 page reports intended for publicly traded companies.

A Better Way Forward

We start every client with three core phases: Business Style Guide, Demand and Demographic Data for your industry and, your current Customer Facing Technology Capabilities. ​

Managed Services Customer Acquisition Analytics

Understand what your customers and visitors are actually interested in.

Don’t just count on your office management team to deliver sales and other financial reports. Understanding Analytics plays a critical role in business growth metrics. For a new business, at a minimum, it will help you fine tune your marketing efforts. For an established business, it will give you pinpoint precision in understanding your customer base.


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Get tips & tricks on how to skyrocket your sales

At IS Back Office we want to capitalize on your strengths, not focus on your weaknesses.

We have arrived at success by making a lot of mistakes in business. We are eager and willing to share our success strategies as well as our failures to help you avoid them.


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Managed Services Performance Acquisition Analytics

About IS Back Office​ Small Business Services

We believe the American Small Business is the backbone of the American economy.

We also understand that your business is critical to the lives of your employees, your customers, your family and your communities.

We are doing it ourselves. Every team member actively maintains multiple successful entrepreneurial ventures.

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The IS Back Office team comes from the large enterprise and corporate world.

We want to provide you similar powerful solutions and strategies to be able to compete.

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Data Driven Business Planning from IS Back Office

Small Business Services that Work for Your Success

IS Back Office will build and manage your small business with winning large corporation rules and structure. You do what you do best, we have a full team available to help you with the rest.



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